Letter from Council Woman, Darlene Harris

This spring I co-sponsored legislation that creates an incentive program for local small

businesses to raise their pay above the minimum wage. For businesses that raise their

wages to the federally recommended $10.10/hour, the city will offer free advertising on

bus shelters. The program is designed to bring more middle class, family sustaining jobs

to Pittsburgh.


Did you know that the Urban Redevelopment Authority offers 0% interest loans to city

residents for home improvements? The program is only offered to households that meet

the income requirements. Find more information here:



PWSA recently announced a Green Infrastructure Grant program to fund projects like

rain gardens, or porous pavement, which help keep rain water out of our overstressed

sewer system. The program, which is geared towards private property owners and

community groups, will include 50% matching funds for larger-scale projects, and mini-

grants of up to $5,000. Contact Katherine Camp at 412-255-8800 x2656 or

kcamp@pgh2o.com for more information.


Having worked as a community activist on the North Side for nearly forty years, I have

always believed that volunteer work is the best way to strengthen neighborhoods, and

make our city a more livable place. To support communities throughout District 1, I’ve

recently made numerous allocations through the city’s Neighborhood Needs and

Community Development Block Grant programs, to support neighborhood projects and

to help build organizational capacity, including $12,500 for the Brighton Heights

Citizens’ Federation.


Please contact my office if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at

412.255.2135 or online at http://pittsburghpa.gov/district1/feedback.

Lauren is a neighborhood volunteer, focusing on outreach and events in our community.

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