Gorgeous Gardens, Our Goal!

Gorgeous Gardens, Our Goal! 

Our gardens were off to a great start in April, with all the perennials coming back to life after a harsh winter.  The new Trail Connect project is an Earth Day effort on April 22, with loads of help from the Rivers Casino “Community Champions” volunteers for doing trail maintenance from Jack Stack pool and athletic fields down the hill to Woods Run Avenue.  After our annual Earth Day weekend clean-up of the neighborhood on Saturday, April 25th, all the gardens take on a fresh look as we get ready for the summer blooms.

We will once again be helping plant and care for the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) garden (at the intersection of Ohio River and Brighton Heights Boulevards).  This planting will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at 9 AM.  The Conservancy supplies the soil, flowers, and mulch for this garden.  Susan Benn and Megan Miller are the stewards for the WPC garden this year, and they are looking for volunteers to help them weed and de-litter the garden for the 2015 growing season.  

Brighton Heights first garden prep day for the major gardens is set for Saturday, May 16th at 9 AM when we will weed the gardens and prune the many super growing rose bushes on the green-up lot.  We need a lot of help that day from volunteers with good gloves and sharp pruners.  We have some tools, but more are always welcome.  A second “prep” day will take place on Wednesday, May 22 from 2-4 PM leading up to the major planting day, Saturday, May 25th at 9 AM.  

Our 11th Annual House and now also Garden Tour, scheduled for June 14th, will feature stellar local residential gardens as well as houses this year, reinforcing our reputation for spectacular landscaping in the neighborhood! 

Through the years, the Federation has continued to add gardens to our care, stretching from our hallmark gardens on the corners of California and Termon Avenues into many parts of the neighborhood

The Gardens: Recruits are being sought for summer weeding of all the gardens. If you would like to be a part of this flexible crew, please contact Susan Benn (412-766-7747).

The Split Fence Bird House Garden is located at the corner of California Ave and Brighton Heights Boulevard next to Representative Adam Ravenstahl’s office.  A rock garden is being added this summer.  There is a special native tree in this garden, a “Franconia Tree”, donated by Kirk from Best Feeds on Babcock Boulevard in Millvale, as well as a small Dogwood tree donated by Jan Held. 

The Bear Lot  (with two cement bears only visible in the winter) is on the corner of Termon and California avenues.  Ed Gergerich is the steward for this garden.

The Green-Up Lot is on the corner of Termon Ave and Brighton Heights Boulevard, and is expanding with new trees and multiplying perennials this year.  A new sand patch behind the sign has been dubbed “The Beach” by the local children who draw and make sand castles there.  Maintenance help is needed to repair the wooden water supply box on this site. 

The Great Wall stretches all down the east side of Brighton Heights Boulevard.  We expect to see more daffodils, lilies and irises blooming along the road here among the trees.

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy Garden sits on the corner of Brighton Heights and Ohio River Boulevards 

Antrim Street Rain garden is on the corner of Antrim St and Fleming Ave.  It was funded by a City “Love Your Block” grant and is in need of stewardship from the residents of the local streets.  This lot is full of beautiful native plants and trees and was especially designed to capture and use storm water before it gets to the sewage system.  Kelly Day, a new Antrim Street resident at the time, applied for the funding to create this special water conservation garden, which the neighborhood planted under the supervision of Susan Benn and consultation from the Audubon Society’s Native Plant specialist, Roxanne Swann. 

McClure Ave Rock Garden is a on a hillside corner of McClure and Woods Run Avenues and was funded by a “Love Your Block” grant.  Susan Benn managed the purchase and volunteer planting of this large slope between the sidewalk and a parking lot across fro Young Brother’s Gar. Lorraine Duffola, a member of the local Rock Garden Society (NARGS), and affiliate member of BHCF, arrived on planting day last summer and helped stretch the garden over a larger area – a last minute discovery of additional city property not included in the original plan. Lorraine, and Susan Benn, also a member of the spearheaded the creation of a rock garden from material from the adjacent woods and rubble from the site.  She continued to water and add plants to the site all season long.  This garden is in need of a water supply or help watering by local residents form that area.    

Legion Park is located on a triangular lot bordered by Brighton Road and Shadeland and Davis Avenues. Suzie Smolin and Victor Muller are the stewards for Legion Park this year and will be looking for volunteers to water and weed around all the new flower / perennial gardens and shrubs.  Last year we were assisted by the local fire departments for watering during dry times.  The Garden and Greenspace Committee is committed to finding a water source for the gardens in this historic monument park. 

Wapello / Goe Island Garden is a tiny garden created by Susan Benn in the midst of the intersection of Goe Avenue and Wapello Street where astorage mailbox once stood.

New Gardens this year:

Rooney School has a new vegetable garden planted and tended by students, teachers, and parents thanks to help from the Buhl Foundation and the Sprout Fund.  This was initiated by Brighton Heights board member M. Kate Kelley and neighborhood volunteer Donna Nyambe. 

3811 California Ave is the Allegheny Native Plant Garden opposite Benton Ave is our newest garden.  Matt Yurkovich is Brighton Heights Vacant Lot ambassador through support from GTECH.  He will be landscaping the lot with native trees and flowers with woodland pathways.

BHCF Flower Planting Donation

Saturday May 23, 2015

Donation for purchase of flowers:  $_____________

Name: ____________________________________

Street: ____________________________________

City: ______________________________________

Phone: _________________     Email: _______________________

Make Checks payable to:            Brighton Heights Citizens Federation

And mail to:                  

BHCF Flower Planting – 3629 California Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa  15212                                   

Please do not send cash. Or pay by PayPal at www.brightonheights.org

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