Donate to the Flower Fund – 10+ Once Vacant Lots now Planted and Maintained by Volunteers!

Route 65 at McKees Rocks Bridge Garden

Garden on Route 65 at Termon Avenue Exit by McKees Rocks Bridge

Help us keep our beautiful public gardens blooming with flowers with your donation to the Flower Fund. Any amount is welcome. “Flats” of flowers are $15.00 each. The Federation uses the funds for plant purchases, fertilizer, repairs, and to replace old or broken tools. Volunteers plant, weed, water and maintain over 10 gardens on what were once vacant lots. We are also working with the city and trail groups to continue to develop a City Park Trail to connect Brightonwoods City Park to Riverview City Park which runs over the hillside from the Athletic Fields, Jack Stack Pool to Birkoff/Woodsrun.

  • Donation of 1 flat of flowers $15.00 USD
    Donation of 2 flats of flowers 30.00 USD
  • Donation of 3 flats of flowers $45.00 USD
  • Donation of 5 flats of flowers $75.00 USD
  • Donation of 10 flats of flowers $150.00 USD
    Donation for perennials, shrubs, repairs and new equipment $300.00 USD
  • Brighton Heights Garden and Green Space Lot Sponsor $500.00 USD
  • Garden and Green Space Green Thumbs Up Benefactor $1000.00 USD
  • Park Fields to Riverview Park Trail Connect Sponsor $5000.00 USD

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