Community Health Strategy Meeting – Wed. Jan 25th

We need your thoughts and feedback to help make Northside residents healthier!

 Last Fall, NSLC received a health planning grant from the Highmark Foundation to identify community health needs on Northside and to develop some solutions. Over the past several months we have reviewed community health studies, surveyed Northside residents, conducted focus group meetings with a wide variety of health service providers and sought feedback from community leadership.

The information and ideas we received from those various community sources have been compiled in a DRAFT Community Health Report. We need to be sure this report is on the right track and we need the input and feedback of our Northside neighbors and friends. So we invite you and any interested Northsiders to:

A Community Health Strategy Meeting

WED Jan 25 at 6PM

Arnold’s Tea, 502 E Ohio St.

We’ll present the report and open it to all of you for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, corrections and improvements. We’ll wrap up by 7:30PM. We’ll have some light refreshment from Arnold’s Tea so you don’t go hungry! We hope to have a lively and interesting conversation about some practical ways to help our Northside neighbors.

Please plan on attending and invite any interested members, neighbors and friends!

Mark Fatla and Allana Curington

Northside Leadership Conference

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