City Steps Project

City Steps Project

Funded by the Buhl Foundation’s Sprout Fund neighbor-2-neighbor grants, this project will beautify Brighton Height’s 10 city step units through out the summer by neighbor-organized teams. Do you have an idea for steps near you?  Whether super creative or straight forward, help us shape up these vital pedestrian resources.

Goals for this project:
– 10 mini-teams to self organize a schedule of clean up, painting, and planting.
– Invasive plant removal at step entrances and planting of native wildflowers and perennial species to reduce future maintenance.
– Unique ideas on painting and creative ways to make our city steps attractive, including murals and color schemes where applicable.

Can’t donate your time? We’re also looking for in-kind donations for: brushes, rags, paint, and plants.

We already have a few step captains! Join the City Step Project team by contacting organizer, Matt Yurkovich, at to coordinate your location concepts and grant funded supplies.

Lauren is a neighborhood volunteer, focusing on outreach and events in our community.

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