Halloween Parade


The children of Brighton Heights look forward every year to the entering the best homemade costume contest and parading down Davis Avenue. The sign up location is in Kunsak Funeral Home Parking lot under a tent. They are joined by a highschool marching band, firefighters and their trucks, policemen on horseback, and giant puppets made by our local and famous mega puppet maker Cheryl Capezzuti. At the end of the parade prizes are awarded first for the best costumes and to every other child for just being a kid in a costume from Brighton Heights. We typically get enough funds from United Way to pay for what is needed for this event.

Long before the Halloween Parade takes place, work is in motion to insure a good and safe time for the children who come to march in the parade. The permit to use Legion Park and close the streets for the parade is submitted. Letters are sent to neighbors whose parking will be restricted on the day of the parade, and then “No Parking” signs are purchased and posted the day before the parade. Flyers are distributed to the schools and local papers, and neighborhood churches are notified about the details. A few days before the parade, volunteers carefully count out and pack bags of candy and other treats to hand out to all the children during the parade.

The Halloween Parade is made possible in part by your United Way Contributions.