Membership & Donations

Your donations help to maintain our beautiful public lot gardens, provide welcome packages to new neighbors, publish and mail our newsletter, maintain a website, send out monthly activity announcements, and rent an office space, among many other public services.
Membership in the Federation is an opportunity to contribute in a positive way to our immediate environment – help keep it clean –  pretty – safe –  improving on all fronts – keeping people informed.

It’s the chance to work with wonderful, energetic, talented people who have a vision for our community and who want to work to make it better.  It’s a chance to be a good neighbor, to welcome new residents, to communicate with each other, to fix at least some problems, and to work as needed to accomplish improvements.

Donations – BHCF is a 501-c not-for-profit organization

There are five categories of Federation membership:

  1. Individual Membership
  2. Family Membership
  3. Senior Membership
  4. Associate Membership
  5. Group or Business Membership
  6. United Way for Children’s Activities

All memberships are open under the guidelines described in our bylaws.

Individuals who reside and/or own property or operate a business within the territory of the Federation are eligible for membership. Each individual member is entitled to one vote. An individual may become a member by written application and payment of annual dues.

This membership is $7.50/year

A family unit residing at the same residence within the territory of the Federation is eligible for membership. Each adult member of this unit who is in good standing is eligible to vote.

This membership is $10/year

Persons qualifying for membership and age 65 and older.

This membership is $5 /year

SOCIAL (or Non-resident) MEMBERSHIP

Persons not qualifying for Individual Membership may become Associate Members of the Federation. Associate members do not have voting privileges.

This membership is $5/year

Any Business located in the territory of the Federation and supporting its objectives are welcome to join. In order to exercise voting privileges, each organization shall send a delegate to attend meetings of the Federation. If the representative is unable to attend, a substitute delegate may be appointed. A delegate shall not represent more than one group concurrently nor can s/he cast an additional vote as an individual member.

This membership is $20/year.

Once Vacant Lots

Once Vacant Lots!

The Brighton Heights Citizens Federation accepts donations in many forms: volunteer’s time, talent, and monetary donations are gratefully accepted. Please consider becoming an active member and attending our meetings and events.
Any amount

Flower Donations
Flats – $15.00 each
Since our neighborhood flower garden is no longer funded by the City of Pittsburgh and the West Penn Conservancy, donations of “Flats” are welcome. “Flats” are $15.00 each.

UNITED WAY # 188 (Limited to Children’s Activities)
Brighton Heights Citizens Federation is a United Way agency. All United Way donations are used exclusively for our children’s activities such as the Halloween Parade.

You can make a donation to the Federation by choosing # 188 on your donation form.  Any member making a United Way donation receives a one year extension on their membership. Usually the paperwork does not catch up with us until the year following the donation.

If you own a business or provide a service in Brighton Heights, now you have a chance to increase your profits by partnering with the BHCF. Offer something to the citizens of Brighton Heights on our BH Store page for a small donation and have your business or service advertised free! Click here for more details!