About Us

Welcome to the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation website.  BHCF connects you to our trend setting neighborhood.  We are here for you and hope you will become involved in the activities we do to keep our neighborhood thriving.

We currently have about 400 dues paying members and 700 email contacts for our News and Event E-blasts that anyone can sign up for to be alerted to community events and opportunities.

BHCF works with many individuals, committees, city programs, corporate and business sponsors, and foundations in order to

  1. Maintain an office on California Avenue
  2. Create and maintain Brighton Heights public flower gardens
  3. Clean up vacant city lots and turn them into Green Spaces
  4. Purchase abandoned and sheriff sale houses with help and loans from the North Side Leadership Convention and the URA
  5. Create affordable green housing, or new gardens or green spaces
  6. Organize the Halloween Parade (where over 100 toys are given away each year)
  7. Organize Bright the Night with Santa and pay for electricity in the park for the flag and the lights
  8. Hold a Community Clean Up Day several times a year
  9. Lead Adopt A Block programs for litter pick up by volunteers
  10. Put together an annual House Tour extravaganza (our biggest fundraiser – so remember to buy an ad for the program!) with our best attendance so far being over 600 visitors).

We work with diverse community and government sources to improve our neighborhood with major grants and in-kind donations.

Since BHCF’s  inception as a non-profit organization on February 28th, 1967, the Brighton Heights Citizens Federation has been involved in a multitude of activities, events, and extensive renovation and new building projects in the community.

The purpose of the Federation is to promote and encourage the advancement of neighborhood improvements and a greater sense of community.  This is accomplished by uniting the citizens of the community, its organizations, and institutions to work hand in hand to enhance the health, safety, welfare, property, and well being of the community.

We attract and depend on the help of many industrious volunteers including groups such a Presley Ridge School for the Deaf, Holy Family Instituted, Northside Catholic students and parents, Pitt Make a Difference Days groups, Gays for Good, Student Conservation Association.

We collaborate with non-profit and government organizations such as Tree Vitalize, G-Tech, Audobon Society, Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, the Mayor’s Love Your Block Program, and countless other programs.

We encourage your participation — there is always more to be done to increase the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Let us know if you would like to volunteer on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We are always looking for passionate people to participate on committees, as board members, as officers, and on annual events.

Believe us, your talent, time, donations and membership are what makes us stronger and better as a community. We are all volunteers, and we are  fun, fascinating, passionate, multi-talented  people who believe in working for the common good.

Join us! Become a member, attend meetings that interest you and volunteer if you can!

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